Thursday, February 27, 2014

Linux Kernel Questions

For answers to these questions see on the right side -"Linux Kernel Questions and Answers". This post is just to make you think about the answer before seeing the actual answers :)

1. Why do we need two bootloaders viz. primary and secondary?

2. When bootloader is finished it's job where is the first location and what is the first process that gets executed in Linux kernel?

3. When linux kernel is loaded what are the tasks it does?

4. What is the first user space process that runs when linux kernel loads?

5. Why we aren't allowed to sleep in interrupt context?

6. What are the possible task states?

7. How to Pass Command Line Arguments to a Kernel Module?

8.What is a Linux Device Driver Model ?

9. Explain the basics of Linux kernel.

10. What is a Loadable Kernel Module? 



  1. Could you please share the answers for these too :)

    1. sure....will add them soon in linux kernel questions and answers segment :)

  2. We are waiting for your response, please do the needful for us.

  3. you can see the answers on the right side man :)

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