Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What is OOPS in Linux Kernel?

OOPS is a deviation from correct behaviour of Linux kernel which produces certain error log.
Kernel Panic is one type of OOPS. Kernel Panic doesnt allow system to continue operation while other form of OOPS ALLOW WITH COMPROMISED RELIABILITY.
When the kernel detects a problem, it prints an oops message and kills any offending process

The message is used by Linux kernel engineers to debug the condition which created the oops and fix the programming error which caused it.
Once a system has experienced an oops, some internal resources may no longer be in service. Even if the system appears to work correctly, undesirable side effects may have resulted from the active task being killed. A kernel oops often leads on to a kernel panic once the system attempts to use resources which have been lost.
OOPS word here means the general usage of OOPs..error.

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